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''I started IFS with Shoshana because I knew I needed to make changes in a particular close relationship.
I had experience of talking therapy previously, but I didn't know what to expect from IFS.
It turns out that IFS is a very direct way of healing.
I feel very different now than I did before I started working with Shoshana; incidents at work that would previously have caused me shame and anxiety, I tackle head on. In fact many aspects of my life I now meet without fear, anxiety or stress. And should something come along that shakes me, I have tools to deal with the feelings that arise.
I feel secure and grounded in a way I never did before.
So I give heartfelt thanks to IFS, and to Shoshana for holding the space for me in such a caring, gentle and professional way.
In Sho’s most capable hands, IFS is an illuminating journey of truly getting to know one’s essential self.''

- Joanna

''Shine and thrive is exactly what has been happening to me since working with Sho.
A real integrated journey home to my true self.
Sho is such a beautiful human being and therapist. I wish for everyone to be able experience this bliss. Truly grateful!"

- Alexandra

''I have been working with Sho over the past year and recommend this journey to anyone! I found incredible inner gifts to heal myself.
I can physically see that my body is more balanced and I no longer suffer with anxiety or panic attacks. I look forward to each session and the insights it brings.
Our work together quickly taught me that the emotions I feel strongly at times aren’t the whole me, that they are just parts that need nurturing, having been forced into roles they don’t want and putting pressure on my whole system.
Sho has a great gift of making you feel 100% comfortable in bringing your whole self to the table, and gently guides you with great kindness.
In Sho’s most capable hands, IFS is an illuminating journey of truly getting to know one’s essential self.''

- Bryony

''Parts work’ is really helping me. I find that it brings peace, softening tension by allowing different desires and needs to co-exist. I love the adventure of it, experiencing a new space of relationship; conversation. Accepting that there will be different voices is a nice alternative to frozen internal conflict and confusion about why there isn't one clear choice, voice or course of action to consider inside me.''

- Lucy

''Working with Sho is transformational.
I am a different woman to the one that first met her 5 years ago.
I have been in Sho’s groups, workshops and personal sessions over the years. She always created a deep sense of safety that I needed to work with healing of significant trauma.
I have moved on from decades of pain, confusion and disconnection to a new sense of ease and acceptance.
I didn’t even know this was possible, or what I was looking for.
I will always be grateful.''

- Karen