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IFS – Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence based somatic ‘parts-method’ therapy developed by Dick Schwartz. IFS engages our mindful somatic awareness in a unique agenda-free, deeply respectful and relational way, that is profoundly healing.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) recognises that we are not just ‘one thing’ and all have within us a whole village of parts. Our parts often hold conflicting goals and desires. 

These parts exist around our core Self, which is an undamaged essence of life within all of us.

IFS weaves relationship between this undamaged core Self and our networks of parts. This inner relationship within with Self energy heals us. When our Self befriends and relieves our parts of the burdens they carry, we reveal their natural gifts, life force and create inner peace.  This is a restructuring of our inner village and a rewiring of our mind around love instead of fear. 

This becomes a daily practice and a way of life. 

Check out our IFS Part Constellations Self energising weekend events in Devon. 

Watch IFS Founder Dick Swartz speak about IFS, Self and parts here.


IFS doesn't label anyone as an 'angry, sad or depressed' person, just because parts feel that way... Now, I'm no longer afraid of my feelings. With IFS I've learned how to heal myself, giving my parts quality attention and freeing them from being stuck in extreme roles. It's so different and amazing!

What are the benefits of IFS?

IFS helps repair our relational wounds and reveal our true essence:

Awaken compassion, creativity, courage and connection.

Enhance authentic engagement in life.

Repattern neural networks.

Repair attachment (inner child) wounds.

Heal trauma & shame.

Promote wellness and self-awareness.

Deepen and connect to embodied wisdom & spirituality.

Promotes wellness and self-awareness.



Spiritual Aspects of Self Energy in IFS

Self Energy heals by holding our parts with

Inclusivity – Self holds all parts equally, without taking sides.

Safety – Self cultivates safety for parts to explore and heal from unsafe times.

Acceptance – Self has the innate capacity to accept that which has been unacceptable to our parts. 

Integration – Self connected with and between the isolated and fragmented parts.

Time & Timing – Self is present here and attuned to the changing potentiality of the moment, ‘timing’. 

Centred & Everywhere – Self is centred ‘here and now’ and can connect with our parts in all times and everywhere.

Not Knowing -Self is present without needing to know or think. ‘Self-like’ parts need to know!

Self is compassionate, connected, courageous, clear, creative, curious, confident, calm and choiceful (the 9Cs) 

Safe & Trauma Sensitive

IFS practice offers the love and care of our Self energy as a resource to our whole system. Connection to this resource is transformational, especially for the ‘hurt & hurting’ parts that need it the most, as they can finally feel held, heard & safe.

With IFS we develop an ongoing relationship with our inner being parts, creating safety by connecting first to our protector parts and getting their permission to visit with our wounded inner children. This is core to the IFS’s trauma-sensitivity.

By working with instead of bypassing our protective mechanisms, IFS supports accessing our depths safely and with balance. 

Our capacity to lean in, witness and offer healing presence to our inner parts creates profound shifts in our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Helping us heal from personal and collective wounds and trauma.

Legacy & Cultural Burdens

IFS also helps release legacy and cultural burdens. These burdens are passed down through the generations and form the unconscious basis to many of our limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Patriarchy, sexism, racism, materialism, disconnection from the earth (and many more) are legacy burdens that many of us suffer from in the 21st century. Releasing ours parts from these burdens reveals a previously unknown level of clarity, connection and capacity.

Legacy Heirlooms

IFS supports us to recognise and celebrate our lineage, we call these ‘Legacy heirlooms’. These are the life-honouring gifts that are passed down through the generations, from the begining of time to us.