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IFS Self & Parts Constellations

Each IFS constellation became like a piece of a larger picture of healing within my system. I found myself understanding my own parts more deeply by seeing what similar parts in others do and when it was my turn to be constellated, I trusted in everyones support and presence. IFS in a group brought me into such direct Self-love and healing. A game changer in my Self energy!

IFS Parts Constellation Weekend

We are happy to announce IFS Parts Constellation weekends in Devon with Shoshana. Shoshana is an IFS Level 3 and Systemic Constellation practitioner and an experienced and inventive group leader. 

IFS Parts Constellations are a somatic embodied way of experiencing Self energy and parts connection in a fresh and direct way.  IFS Constellations are unique and different to Family/Systemic Constellations.

This practice can have a profound effect of awakening our Self energy, enabling understanding, insight, connection, self regulation and other necessary healing processes. 

We look forward to meeting you ‘in-real-life’ in embodied healing community.

Are Constellations for me?

Trauma & Self-Regulation: IFS Constellation Groups are suitable for people who are able to self-sooth and ground themselves within a group setting. There will be trauma sensitive guidance to support grounded resourcing in connection with our Self, holding of and moving in compassionate connection with all that is within us.

IFS Experience: No prior constellation experience is necessary. IFS experience and basic understanding of Self energy and plurality of parts is helpful. 

Read about Internal Family Systems on our IFS page.

IFS Constellation & IFS Therapy: Constellation weekends support embodied Self to part awareness and attunment, and is recommended as a supportive addition to personal IFS sessions, not as a replacement for ongoing IFS sessions

About IFS Constellations Weekends

Group Participants:  Participants will together be part of the weekends Self-led IFS community, together exploring Self-energy and parts-awareness practices as well as constellating together. Participants will be holding Self energy for each other and will be embodying parts for each other in constellations and exercises.

Constellations: There will be space for between 4-6 participants to have constellations. Shoshana who will help you refine and focus in on your theme and parts and other participants will be chosen to enact the relevant parts in a repeating scenario. 

Externalising parts supports the constellator to ‘unblend’ from them and embody Self energy. From this place of Self energy new capacities may be revealed – including witnessing the parts compassionately, attuning and responding to the parts needs that got ‘frozen/stuck’ in time. 

Shoshana will guide and empower the constellators Self energy to connect with their parts, witness and unburden them whenever possible.

Constellators won’t be pre-booked but will be chosen by drawing a name before each constellation session. 

 Participating in a group IFS constellation is moving and healing even when it is not your constellation. IFS constellations support the process of unblending from our parts, which reveals our Self energy and attuned capacities. Our parts resonate with what we see being represented in another person’s constellation and our parts are deeply moved when we embody Self energy as a compassionate witness in the holding circle. This is a profound experience.

When (2024) : July 27-28. Sat & Sun 10am – 6pm.

WhereStaverton, Devon, UK. Non-residential, free parking. 

Price:  Group Participant £180. Limited to 12 participants Buy a Ticket here

An additional £130 is payable for your Constellation if you are chosen for one on the weekend. 

Constellators won’t be pre-booked but will be chosen by drawing a name from those who would like one before each constellation session. 

Group Leader: Shoshana Moss is an experienced L3 IFS practitioner and systemic constellator with over 24 years experience leading transformational groups.

We look forward to meeting you ‘in-real-life’ and creating an embodied healing community of like minded people.