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Shoshana Moss-Moskowitz

Personal Development & Healing

Shoshana Moss-Moskowitz is an experienced insured trauma-sensitive Level 3 Internal Family Systems (IFS) & Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) practitioner, with over 25 years experience of healing and wellness practices. 

Shoshana is a lifelong explorer of wellness. She is multi lingual (Hebrew & English), and has travelled extensively and lived in different cultures in Asia, Middle East, America and Europe. In year 2000 she co-created the first detox retreat in Europe as well as the first Raw food community in Spain.

Her orientation is a cis-gendered woman with a Jewish Ashkenazi heritage of legacy burdens and heirlooms. This included a family legacy of holocaust trauma. Her own healing led her to explore & train in effective trauma-healing modalities and to her lifelong commitment to dignifying trauma, peace making and cultivating a felt embodied sense of health. 

Shoshana is currently uncovering and educating herself in neurodiversity, recognising this atypicalness as key to the gift of awareness, sensitivity, safety and healing she has shared with others that is deeply needed in this world. 

After a year as a psychology researcher for Israeli Air force she completed a BA in psychology with honours in Hebrew Uni. Jersualem in 1995 and proceeded to live in India for over 3 years deepening her Yoga & Meditation practice, exploring and developing a felt sense of health within, before moving to Europe to co-create the first Raw-Food community in Spain in year 2000. She also founded Europe’s first detox retreat, Karuna Detox, where she continues to share her discoveries of effective methods for healing via her body-mind-spirit detox program. Since 2016 Sho has been a Woodland Mindfulness & Nature Connection leader with The Sharpham Trust, leading primarily women’s woodland retreats. 

Sho’s spirituality is deeply connected to the earth. She lives by Dartmoor where she raised her daughter and spends her time in nature – hiking, camping, playing on and resting with the earth. 

Sho is committed to awakening connection & heart, and sees healing and personal development as a pathway to social change, as a healthier society can only be created by healthier individuals.

Working with Sho is transformational, I am a different woman to the one who met her 5 years ago. I have moved on from decades of pain. I didn't even know this was possible. I will always be grateful



Qualifications & Courses:

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Internal Family System - IFS, UK

IFS for 'Shame, Anxiety & Depression'

Voices of Addiction, IFS Continuity

TRE - Trauma Release Exercises (TRE UK)

BA Psychology (honrs)

Sex, Identity & Ground (Institute of Gender Psychology)

Neurology of Compassion (Jules Taylor Shore)

Neurology of Boundaries & Feeling Safe (Jules Taylor Shore)

Family & Systemic Constellations (Burt Hellinger)

NVC - Non Violent Communication

Yoga & Meditation

Neurodiversity Study Group, Trauma Geek

Racial Inclusion, Practice Group, Sharpham

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